Psyche Inference & Projection

the only good poet

One retreat after another without peace.
My background is in Psych.

And now you use the rhetoric of that profession to play your verbal high jinks on Internet forums and chat rooms, no doubt embittered by your lack of success in your chosen subject. You need to get on your bike and "see someone."

the only good poet

One retreat after another without peace.
Yes, like someone in the field of psychiatry. It wouldn't surprise me if he uses chatrooms like Reddit and such to prey on the vulnerable, with his Mansonesque complex. Just a theory based on research.
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Dugpish: Are you serious about the not cursing God comment? I hope not. I hope you're not here to teach us about our moral rights, too.

Okay, so let's assume I personally was wrong about what you know, that I made an assumption about you that is incorrect; you still assumed we are all retards and all the rest of your name calling. You still came in here with the assumption that none of us can listen and speak to you. If you would have come in with a different attitude, maybe someone (like me?) would have had a conversation with you about the subjects of which you were searching, but I don't believe you cared about that at all. I believe you came in here to stir the cauldron.

In my irritations with you, I gave you my viewpoint about whether or not I found your assumption valid. You are actually knocking it away when you minimize writers, or not having the mind of a writer. This was a very important point in my argument which you additionally disrespected. This will be the last time I'll speak about this with any hope to see a inquisitive person behind a troll, but being a storyteller is what I was getting at with Bukowski saying he embellished himself into Henry Chinaski. If you were a writer, you may know how and why these things work, and to what degree -- when writing fiction. I just think it's odd that people hold him accountable for the things he's done in his books, or comments he's made in interviews (many of which he may not have been serious, drunk, not thinking, the interviewer embellished or lied, or he just contradicted himself because we are all human, or if he meant it -- so what?), yet other writers are not held in contempt in the same way (Kerouac, Miller, Hemingway, Burroughs, Thompson, Salinger, et al). It's like holding Robert De Nero responsible for his crimes when he played Vito Corleone, or saying he's comparable to Manson because he was capable of playing the monster he was in Cape Fear. And god forbid he ever say one of those characters were close to his own personality.

But whatever.


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