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It was thirty years ago, so I don't remember the exact conversation, but I do remember the tenor. I also distinctly recall Martin saying: "Go find your own Bukowski!" Very territorial. .
Memory is fallible, doesn't matter whether it was last week or 30 yrs ago, we start to edit it. But bad or negative events we remember more vividly.
So even choosing just to accept the bare bones of what Kurt said - that a phone call took place between him and Martin; the events that follow -
(Martin receiving most of the work) would iindicate he wasn't phoning him to congratulate Kurt on his wonderful publication, plus the ensuing letters between
him and Bukowski.

The Pig in A Pamphlet edition reveals the same wish to monopolise his work but at the same time, profit from them by demanding all the copies, that's really mean, unethical behavior.

P.S That was before seeing the letters in On Writing.
How much control did Martin actually have over Buk's writing?

Was it exclusive to the point that Buk couldn't even send poems out to magazines without Martin threatening legal action? I find it bizarre if the contract was that strict, particularly when you look at the tremendous amount of writing Buk sent out to magazines throughout his lifetime. A chapbook has its own unique category, neither a book nor a magazine, so it'd be interesting to look at the contract they had with one another while attempting to figure out why Martin would feel so threatened by these small scale, small press ventures.
mind you - aren't digital discussions, researches or defamations as in here - in the end of the day - nothing more than what they are: internet based trial balloons and not one whit better than that?


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So you're suggesting that research done by the users of this forum is invalid if the results are posted on the internet? Or the discussions here are invalid because they take place on the internet? That it's not valid for people to relate their experiences if they relate those experiences here, on the internet?
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