'Puerto Peñasco' - A short story by Hosho McCreesh (1 Viewer)


Just a quick note to say that I have just released a short story by Hosho McCreesh. The HBs were all reserved before the launch, but there are still about 10 paperback copies left at £7 (which includes worldwide postage). You can see more details at www.pigearpress.co.uk

Thanks for listening


We have these creatures known locally as suicide beetles which come up from the drains with the first rain of the new season. Well, after 140 days without rain, they finally appeared after some showers last week. They fly up into the air, fall to the ground, and soon after they die. A life spent literally in the shit and then a brief gasp in the warm sun and then death. Oh, and another thing, it became so hot here that the rollers on my press melted and got stuck to the platen plate. I had to start keeping them in the fridge. None of these things have relevance in the end, but somehow it seems that they might. Books ship Tuesday for those kind enough to have parted with cash. Thanks

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