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I'm thinking the genre of pulp fiction is similar to punk in music as it is not deemed very good because of it's lack of "artistic finesse" but is just as valid.

Personally, I prefer my orange juice with pulp but feel free to disagree.
Buk writes about The Red Baron back when he (Buk) was about, what, 10 years old? My guess is that he wasn't reading an historical biography; probably likely something more akin to a comic book.
Been reading the Last Kiss by James Crumley and not sure if I read this one before but I've certainly read Crumley -great writing, I couldn't want anything more.
Pulp > Pulp Fiction > Quentin Tarantino > Kill Bill > Bill > David Carradine > autoerotic asphyxia accident > R.I.P.


(I didn't want to create a topic because I'm not a true fan - I never saw Kung Fu-, I just adored him as Bill).

Not really a punk death...
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Pulp fiction is anti-hero, malign protagonist, absurd hero...

With black (comedy) humor...IMO. Absurdist, in a way. Black humor, too, is significant. Thay say Celine (who's stories remind of Pulp Fiction) Popularized black humor - I saw it back to Voltair...Celine is fully "modern" in his black comedic mode, Really good, and funny.

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