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pulp hc 2nd printing (1 Viewer)


lothario speedwagon
pulp HC (2nd printing), in fine condition with vg mylar dustjacket (mostly okay, but it does have goo from a price sticker on the back). i can sub it out with a dj on one of my other black sparrow books or just make a new one if it's a dealbreaker.

$40 shipped to the US, $45 canada, $54 rest of world.
You might be able to remove the goo with lighter fluid or other chemicals, especially as it's only mylar so there's no danger of damaging any printed surface.
i think i will sell it on eBay... time was a black sparrow hardcover of any book would sell for $40, but i suppose the tide has turned somewhat. i'll probably clean up the dj a little and list it this weekend.

thanks for the suggestions.
I used lighter fluid when I was working in a bookstore. The fact that it was highly flammable always gave me a perverse thrill. I would load up a Kleenex with fluid and rub off the sticker goo, then toss the Kleenex in the trash. At home I always take something like that outside, certain it will spontaneously burst into flames, but at the bookstore it was okay. Think of all the excitment you're missing with Goo Gone.

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