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So I own and have read all the novels multiple times, except Pulp that is. For some reason (well, I suppose for obvious reasons) I have never felt compelled to read it.

I have also only read one collection of short stories and that was long, long ago.

So basically my question is simple, is Pulp a must-read or should I explore some of the short story collections next? I have only read a few short stories by any author in my entire life so am unsure how I will appreciate them, however I realise it is another form that Buk is renowned for.


Pulp is a good book. Different than the others, but enjoyable and well worth the read.

Or you could pick up a copy of the just released memoir SCARLET bu Pam Wood.

You can click on the link to the left


It is a great read.

I think I will have to pick up a copy of that next actually. Cheers.

I think tomorrow I will go to the bookshop and see what they have and choose a book of short stories at random aswell. That has served me relatively well so far with the poetry and having those to dip into alongside it doesn't sound a bad idea.


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Scarlet is a great book, especially if you've read Women, which you have. It isn't often you get to hear both sides of a writer's story. That makes the book pretty unique.

Let Pulp wait.

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I remember my first post in here stating that the writer of fiction should not have his story muddied by the reality version of his fiction. I have grown and now understand the value of both together.

Pulp should be read as close to last as you can stand. I will be reading it again, someday.


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I think at some point, you'll feel like everything he wrote is a must read. Whether you like it or not, at some point it just grabs ya, and you have to read it all, or as much of it as you can find.
I'm going to second Nervas here. You'll want to read them all, so if you read one first be sure to read the other. I've enjoyed Pulp and his short stories numerous times and would recommend both. Pulp is definitely different fae the rest but well worth a read.



I adore all the novels, but if I had one gripe about Pulp, it would be that Buk seemed to drop the ball on the Celine character. But, definitely, dig into his shorts - it is where he really shines.

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