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Pulp Signed & Numbered Hardback First Edition (1 Viewer)

I have a large collection of Bukowksi hard backs and special editions that I have kept covered and protected for many years.
This is the first and i will post the rest over the next few days. All of the books are in mint or excellent condition. Please email me for photos and with offers.

1) Signed and numbered (387 in red) first edition hardback of Pulp
one of only 4 released by Black Sparrow for sale in the UK to the Airlift Book Co. following Bukowski's death. It is in excellent and almost mint condition. With plastic dustcover. red and yellow cloth banding on the spine and white linen stitching the signatures together. Signature is at the front (in black) number is at the back (in red)

email for photos or with offers.

"the days run away like wild horses over the hills."

yes, my apologies, the headband. i make and stitch books myself as a distraction and it is a concentrated art to sew the headband yourself by cross-stitching between the signatures. Even though Black Sparrow narrowed on that and just glued headband onto the top of the spine (like most folks) the red and yellow is still fitting.

the thing that drew me to Buk was wandering the uni aisles wide-eyed and soul_less and my eyes being caught one vacant day by the cloth and binding of those Black Sparrow linen clad blocks, pulled Burning in Water Drowning in Flames off the shelf, opened the texture and lo and fucking behold those words....

photos will come soon plus list.

First the images of the signed hardback of Pulp
offers or questions to paul at pauldruce.com

next up the list.



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