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Pulp Template/Proof.....? (1 Viewer)


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That's just an uncut, unused cover...press overrun. I highly doubt it's an actual proof from the printer. Proofs are kind of one-off (and uninteresting) things.

Aesthetically speaking, if I was going to frame a Black Sparrow cover like that, Pulp is probably the last one I'd choose.

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mjp said:
Aesthetically speaking, if I was going to frame a Black Sparrow cover like that, Pulp is probably the last one I'd choose.

What cover then would you most like framed?


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Huh...jeez, I don't know. Barbara Martin designed some interesting covers, but I don't know if I'd really want any of them on my wall. I always liked the layout of Love Is A Dog From Hell. That's a very distinctive cover.

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I got a reply from the seller..... He said he got it

"directly from Black Sparrow. I was (still am) friends with a couple of people who worked with/for John Martin."

And he did reply publicly.
I would ask him if he didn't just think it's a press overrun left over, but the answer wouldn't be public-> just one question from each potential buyer can be displayed.
(He probably wouldn't answer that one publicly anyway)
down for the count

I am a huge fan of the Barbara Martin
covers and thought they should have
been continued for the sake of continuity
with Bukowski's long-time readership
base after ectoplasm bought out black
sparrow. That would have shown some
class. The covers were artistic,
classy, and subtly supportive of the
writing itself... the covers being mostly
neutral in design... and not glossily
commercial like the more
comic-book like covers that are now in
vogue to market to the new wave of
Bukowskers. I consider it more
meaningful to see Bukowski's high-
school, acne vulgaris yearbook photo
on the cover of Ham On Rye,
using the background of his favorite color
yellow, than the illustration of a boxer
ready to get his block knocked off even if
it is a direct reference to the last chapter
of the book. "”Poptop.
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PS. But I agree with mjp that most of these covers
I probably wouldn't want as regular wall posters,
with, for me, Pulp being the exception. I think,
however, that some of the covers would work in a
smaller size with a number of them framed on a
wall in some kind of a collection or throughout
one's living space. I could live with that, as it
would bring some of the stories to mind and
be a reminder of the vintage black sparrow
days. Martin truly had a record number of
literary discoveries starting with Bukowski. I
think his and his wife's contribution to Mr.
B's success is still undervalued, under-
appreciated or simply taken for granted,
no matter what differences they may have

So long live black sparrow down
through the corridors of time. I liked each
entire production from the look and feel of
the cover, to the quality of the paper, and of
course to the generosity of the words in
volume after volume during those golden
years of productivity.


It is what it is
Yes Poptop... and... one of the most enjoyable aspects for me... the smell of a BSP book.
Yes... I always open one of the titles, get that particular smell and am transported back to that first magical moment of discovery.
I smell the books before reading them and see my wife looking at me strangely... not knowing or caring to know.


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I've posted 10 different uncut Black Sparrow Press cover sheets on Ebay, if anyone is interested. Use search keywords: bukowski cover stock.

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