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I think the original thread went west when the server exploded.
Anyway, I ended up ordering and reading A. Razor's Better Than A Gun In A Knife Fight and Iris Berry's The Daughters of Bastards.
A. Razor's book is a collection of poetry. I enjoyed it, he definitely 'has something' as Bukowski might've said. I thought the ones which reminisced about his teenage romances were probably the best. They were poignant and from the heart and reminded me a little of those days myself. Not that my life is anywhere as dramatic.
The Daughters of Bastards is basically a short memoir, mainly comprising the time the author spent during the LA punk scene. It's a very easy read, if a little short. You could probably read it in an hour or so. I would imagine it would be of particular interest to anyone who also was around LA, in those places, at that time.

I think both are worth a look.


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