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It's in Burning In Water (I think). He lists 9 authors and obliquely describes them in Buk-style. I only know Number 9 for sure (Jean Genet; I just read Our Lady of the Flowers), but who are the rest? I think 2 is Nietzsche and 7 is Faulkner??

I know there are Buk aficionados who can tell me....
1) Pamela DesBarres
2) Rolando Quoin
3) September Rainbowfawn
4) Leonard Nimoy
5) Mather Schneider
6) Robert Farlich
7) Julie Chen
8) Jim
9) John Genet
Wow! MJP you just never cease to amaze me with your infinite wisdom of Bukdom (and every thing else of course) but I beg to differ with you. (If I may please) I do believe that #8 is actually spelled Jimm.

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