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Question for collectors of Buk (1 Viewer)

In BORN INTO THIS, there are several clips talking to Buk where he is wearing his artwork on a tee shirt. I think I saw at least 3 different drawings of his in the movie on shirts he wore.

on ebay, I only have seen tee shirts that have his image on them.

My question is : Are these shirts out of print collector items? Or do they sell them, perhaps through some association with Buk, on other sites?

any help would rule!
I've got a sweatshirt and a t-shirt which are not bootlegs. I got them from BSP. The motif is the Crumb drawing of Buk you can see on the back cover of The Captain... and the text says "Team Bukowski - Black Sparrow Press" (which makes me think that they were originally made for BS employees)...
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And I have the full set of You Kissed Lilly T-shirts.
My wife uses them to sleep in - yum! ;)
They are white T-shirts that reproduce the (5?) drawings from You Kissed Lilly.
For some reason they were only available in on massive size.

And no, I wont post images of my wife wearing them :D

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