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Hardcover copy of 'Play the Piano Drunk Like a Percussion Instrument Until the Fingers Begin to Bleed a Bit' 1979...

Not signed.

What would a copy in 'Good' condition be valued at approximatly?

$150 - $175 on abe, but that seems a bit high. I paid probably half of that less than 5 years ago. Still, they do not show up on ebay often (I can't remember the last time that I saw one there), so if you want one, abe seems the only way to really go....

Groff's copy sold for a painfully underpriced $184 last year and that included a paperback 1st and two copies of the broadside!

So there you have it. I'm just glad that I have already picked up my copy. These seem to have become a bit scarce...


The copy I'm lookig at is an ex-library without DJ in G to VG. Has the library markings but looks to be -VG maybe.

What would you guys pay?
I'm not the Padre, but I'll answer...

I'd pay $25 for a book in that condition. Seriously. It is a reading copy, with no rare book value.

Yeah, ex library really wrecks the value as a valuable book. Plus, VG- in Bookseller terms is not so very good in real terms. Still, I'd take an ex library copy over no copy anyway. I just would not spend too much. How much are they asking for it?

I actually found a copy at the library here in NY. I couldn't believe it. So it's actually not an ex lib copy...

btw: anyone watching the Twilight Zone marathon on the Sci-Fi channel?
On some rare books, when all (relavtively speaking) of the non-exlibrary copies dry up, the exlibrary copies can take on a good value, but it's never more than about a fourth of the value of an unmarked copy. Example: I guy I know who paid $1,000 for a exlibrary copy of a book that was going for $4,000 otherwise. That's some serious money for exlibrary. Still, I wouldn't recommend filling your basement with hundreds of junkers from the local libarry sale (kind of like what I've done...)

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