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Was hoping some of you could help clear this up for me...

Regarding the "BUKOWSKI - PHOTOGRAPHS 1977-1987" book, I've read that there are 2 different versions of this :

1) "First Trade Edition" 470 Copies in clear wrappers
2) "Signed Lettered Edition" 26 copies Hardbound in boards by Earl Gray.

However, my copy of this would seem to be the "First Trade Edition" but it is signed by both Bukowski and Michael Montfort (signed, but doesn't appear to be lettered at all)

Can anyone confirm that these some/all of these 470 Copies in clear wrappers were also signed (but apparently not lettered) by both Bukowski and Montfort ??

I've posted 100+ pictures of my BUK collection, including this and some other signed items, books, photos, posters, misc memorabilia, etc... here :

Thanks for any assistance you can provide,

Thanks for the info....there are 2 different pictures listed on ( and mine looks like the one you are referring to.

So, the 26 lettered copies were all signed by both Bukowski & Montfort? I wonder then, how many of the other edition (470) were signed by both of them, as mine is.

Thanks for the help....

Pictures of this item and about 100+ pics of my BUK collection can be found here :
Unfortunately, your Myspace link only links to my own photos... but I'd still be interested in seeing your Buk stuff as well... Welcome to the boards, enjoy your stay, don't drink the water (but the Kool-Aid is EXCELLENT!).
Thanks all....I appreciate the warm welcome :-)

Now, back to the topic at hand - can anyone shed more light on the book I mentioned above? Mine appears to be one of the "first trade" editions, of which there were 470 made. However, it is signed by both BUK and Michael Montfort...not sure how many others are out there that are signed by both people or how rare this is.

I saw a few of the "lettered" copies selling for quite a bit on the ABEBOOKS site, but this one seems to be a bit of an anomaly.

The signatures are almost certainly authentic. As chronic mentioned, this was probably one of the copies that either belonged to Montfort or Red Stodolsky. Both of them would have had Buk sign extra copies that were not called for as being signed. There are probably no more than 50 copies like yours. It is one of the 470 copies, but signed (although not called for). A damn nice book, really.

Box: here's what Krumhansl has to say:

104 BUKOWSKI PHOTOGRAPHS 1977-1987 1987

a. First edition, paperback issue:

[Thin rule] | BUKOWSKI | [thin rule] | 24 PHOTOGRAPHS | 1977-1987 | BY MICHAEL MONTFORT | [thin rule] | WITH AN INTRODUCTION | AND POEM BY | CHARLES BUKOWSKI | [thin rule] | [thin rule] [Michael Montfort, Hollywood]

1 blank leaf (gray paper), 3 leaves on gray paper (recto of third leaf prints introduction by Bukowski), 6 unpaginated leaves on coated white stock (printed with Montfort photos on both sides), 2 unpaginated leaves on gray paper (printed with poem by Bukowski), 6 leaves on coated white stock (printed with Montfort photos on both sides), 1 blank leaf (gray paper), 2 leaves (gray paper, recto of first leaf prints colophon, recto of second leaf prints biographical material about author and photographer), 1 blank leaf (gray paper). 10 13/16 x 8 3/16 in. (27.5 x 20.8 cm.) $5.00. Stapled in stiff gray paper wrappers. Printed in black across front cover above and below a photograph of Bukowski. Gray flyleaves.

470 copies were published September 1987.​

Colophon: Printed September 1987 in Santa Barbara | for Michael Montfort by Graham Mackintosh | for a show of photographs at "Grauwert | Gallery" in Hamburg, Germany. There are | 470 copies in paper wrappers and 26 copies | hardbound in boards by Earl [i.e., Earle] Gray.

Note: Montfort's exhibition of photographs in Hamburg was held October 8-11, 1987.

Contents: Introduction-Click, Click

b. First edition, hardcover issue:

Collation as a. 11 1/4 x 8 1/2 in. (28.6 x 21.6 cm.) Gratis. Bound in gray paper covered boards. Covers printed same as a. White endsheets. Colophon as a.

26 copies lettered A-Z were published September 1987.​

Me again:
So, I don't know what you mean about clear wrappers, but it's not uncommon for someone to make a clear dustjacket for Buk books. There was a grey softcover of 470 and a lettered hardcover of 26. But Krumhansl, while quite authoritative, is not perfect.

My guess (as chronic already stated) is that Buk signed your copy in addition to Montfort because he got his hands on it somehow (Red's bookstore, random drunken night in Tokyo, etc.). Can't speak to value, but it's pretty decent.
i have one as well that by bro' n law gave me - signed by both with clear dust jacket.
think he paid $250 for it around 6 years ago.
I had one the same as you describe.
I sold it in 2007 or 8.
There must be a few of them around

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