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I'm not saying that it is a fake, but the follwowing things strike me as strange:

Stated that this was signed by Bukowski at a reading. The signature looks like an early one. Probably before 1970. What was the earliest poetry reading that Buk did? Also, has anyone ever seen him sign in red outside of a BSP or Loujon book? The scan is too small to see for sure, but a closeup would either show that it is possibly authentic, or possibly forged.

Even if this is real, I don't completely believe the seller's story about how he got it. It is common to make up a story about autographs that come into collections without any provinance....


Same seller and (I believe) the same item that was discussed earlier:

The seller has changed his story about how he acquired the sig. For that alone, I wouldn't trust him.

<edit> Also I notice that the first auction apparently ended in the item being sold, but there's no feedback from either buyer or seller for the auction. Must have fell through.
it's definitely an old autograph, if it's real.
the page is from The Days Run Away...
so the vintage of the book matches the signiture.
I think the signiture is real but it's of questionable value if it's been ripped out of a book like that.
This page could be from a copy of "The Days" that was printed in 2002 for all I know... If we believe that this was signed in person at a reading, then that would be a pre 1970 reading, correct? Bukowski would not have signed a book on the photo page if a book was handed to him, so it would have to have been removed before. My bullshit detector says that this was probably signed sometime after Bukowski died... Just my thought. I may bid on it and pay for it with Paypal. That way, I can get a refund if it turns out to be a forgery...

I just realized that it's the same photo and layout they used for Mockingbird as well. So, who knows?
And the seller doesn't say when or where it was signed, just that it was recieved in los angeles at a reading from UCLA
I emailed him about it, and it was a BRIEF response, basically saying he had NO info on the signature, or how he got it, etc...
No way I'd bid money on that torn out sheet. If it is REAL, real shame to do that to a book.
PLUS, his info on how he obtained it has changed many times. I suspect that he was making up the reading scenariuo to add weight, but that is not very ethical to do. AND THAT IS THE BEST CASE SCENARIO....

seems strange. but isn't the signature on a separate piece of
paper and some genius has mounted it together with a cut
out page from the book...?
Poems written before jumping...

This is from my ebay listing... what do you think of this signiture?
This is from my ebay listing... what do you think of this signiture?

I would question it if I did not know that it came from you. Where did you get it? It seems sloppy, but could be legit. One thing that I notice is that people rarely would forge a signature on an expensive4 book. They usually pick inexpensive copies to do their evil deed....

I just bid....

Thanks for the comments and the bid!
The bookseller I bought it off here in Melbourne is a very straight-up guy. He would go on regular trips to the US and bring back Buk stuff - never in perfect condition - but good none the less.
It looks unusual (as I say) but with its age, value and provenance, I feel it's legit.

I like to imagine someone pushed it in his face to sign and he did it begrudgingly and quickly.
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No offense but I wouldn't buy it. I would always have a twinge of doubt about it's authenticity. Both the sig and the sketch look a little too sloppy to me, and if he were signing it in a rush, I doubt that he would have taken the time to do the sketch. Not saying that it's not authentic, I just have my doubts.

Also, it looks to me like it's signed Chalres with the R following the L.
"No offense but I wouldn't buy it."
None taken.
That's why I brought it up here and wrote what I wrote on the eBay listing.
My guess is that both signatures are real, but I'm not the expert around here on that topic.

I think Bukowski might have done a drawing even if he was in a hurry. A doodle like that took a couple seconds. Harkening back to the one book he signed for me, in person, he inscribed it, did an elaborate doodle (sloppier than Buk on a Bike's example) and signed, in a matter of maybe 10 seconds.

The story that comes with the red signature is scarry, but the signature looks real to me. Of the two, I would by Buk on a Bike's, but not the red one. Ha, like I'm buying anything. Actually, I'm doing mostly selling these days. My wife and I are hung up on eating, so the stuff must go.
wow.... dejavu?
I don't mean to be flip.
It's just that that's my item and I posted it on this forum already.

I think it's real but can't be 100% sure.

A couple of bids already though...
sorry, didn't see that...
well at least your on this forum and honest about it...
Great book, too bad it's a crummy signature!

spend enough time looking at that signature, it's really hard to believe it's REAL. The L and R are in the wrong order, the B and U are way off, and that doodle is BAD, really bad (it's what I'd draw on a first atttempt).
spend enough time looking at that signature, it's really hard to believe it's REAL. The L and R are in the wrong order, the B and U are way off, and that doodle is BAD, really bad (it's what I'd draw on a first atttempt).

It's those things that make me think it's probably real. Written in a hurry, sloppy, with obvious mistakes. I think a forger would spell "Charles" correctly. It's loose and careless. Forgers are generally tight, cautious, slow with the pen. The bad ones are, anyway. The good ones may be sloppy.
Wow... I've owned this book for more than ten years and I never noticed how dodgy the signiture was.
The book is sitting here in front of me now and not only are the L and R in the wrong order - it actually looks like its spelled Chalse.
And 'Bukowski' looks like Bukaski.

The only saving grace is that damn dog. I have other dog doodles that look a lot like this one.

Shit... maybe I should keep this one??!! Or ask for more $$$

The very rare 'Poems written before jumping out of an 8 story window' by Chalse Bukaski (The retarded half brother of the famous author).

P.S. I can't believe no bodies bidding on the Photographs '77 - '87 book!?

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