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Questionable ebayer - green4all (1 Viewer)

There was an interesting auction that ended yesterday.

Scrambled Eggs Manuscript

Consider this:
- 25 total bids, and 24 of those amongst 3 different bidders.
- Each of those three bidders has 0 or 1 feedback rating.
- 2 of the bidders have 100% activity with this seller. The other has 88% activity with this seller because they bid on one other item.

All of this leads me to believe that the seller - green4all - shill bid the price up. You know, in my opinion.

I have no problem with someone asking a high price for something if they think that's what it's worth, but at least do it the honest way. It will be interesting to see if green4all lists it again because the "buyer" fell through.


Interesting. If that is the case, then either the seller still owns the piece, as he was the winner, of the actual buyer paid WAY too much for it.

Of course, this is just my opinion, but the 25 bids by brand-spanking-new users is unusual.

Someone should report this to ebay. They have secret ways of figuring these things out.



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Well given that this is very similar to how I bought a copy of a semi-rare book on eBay awhile ago that magically jumped from $150 to $250... I'm not a fan, if this is the case here...

But no negative feedback in the last 12 months though... Hm...


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Me to green4all:

That's quite a bidding war you've got going there between the zero feedback user and the one feedback user. What are the odds? I've never seen a bidding war over a computer-printed manuscript before. How fortunate for you.


green4all to me:

What kind of computer did he use? A word processor? An IBM? And so he typed it on a computer...it is his signature and address. I'm not out to cheat anybody--I paid over 300 bucks for it myself 10 years ago--to me it's worth that whatever he printed it out on. I sold another one of these prior to this and that person was very happy with it. However, in fairness, whoever ends up buying it I will say that you are saying it's a computer printout and certainly will refund their money if they think that makes it worthless--or at least not worth what they're bidding for it. Some of us just like the fact that he signed it and dated it. I appreciate your note.



Me to green4all:

I was not suggesting that it was worthless. But it should be obvious that it is a computer printed page. He switched to all computer (Mac) printed manuscripts in April of 1991.

My comment had to do with the bidding. I have been watching Bukowski manuscript auctions on eBay for 10 years, and have never seen a computer printed manuscript bid up to such a high price by new or unknown bidders. A cynical person could easily suspect shill bidding in this case. Not that I suspect that, of course. It is just an observation.


green4all to me:

I see what you're saying--so it would have been an early Mac--SE? What did they use WordPerfect...?
It looks like good bond--this was a submission he made for publication--the seller sent me a photo of Bukowski with him in his place of business--Don't get me wrong, I'm as surprised as you are about the bidding--one of these bidders I've done business with before who told me he was going after it no matter....

Hey, I appreciate your comments--I'm not a Bukowski collector though I am a big fan since I once published a short story in a magazine that also contained a Bukowski story--and we were listed on the masthead as contributing writers.



Spoken like a politician! All deflection and hot air.

I am comfortable saying that was shill bidding. I suppose we'll know if other manuscripts show up on eBay from other sellers and we see the same amazing zero and one or two feedback bidders. But I wouldn't hold my breath.
In all fairness, green4all has been busy lately and could not have been both bidders. I had him running the camera in my three-way with Jennnn & Ambreen.

I don't want to give away the surprise, but if you check on the internet, you can see the whole thing. [STRIKE]Just Search "Two Girls, One Cup"[/STRIKE]


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