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Hello everybody.

This is my first publication in this Bukowski forum and I would like to tell you about a very special project that we are preparing using one of the great Charles' writtings: a film adaptation of the poem "Quiet Clean Girls in Gingham Dresses”. It will be a short film entitled “Quiet Clean Girls”, written and directed by myself (Pablo Leono), and will be filmed from 15th to 20th July this year.

We will need all the support that you could offer us, either individually and as a community, because for raising the necessary funds for building the film set and recording with the right quality, we will launch a crowdfunding campaign in Kickstarter next 17th March.

If you like the idea as much as we (the team working hard to make it real) do, you can start helping us sharing the announcement, "Like" the Facebook page (www.facebook.com/quietcleangirls), following us in Twitter and Instagram (@QuietCleanGirls), and inviting your friends and contacts to do the same. Also you can visit the oficial website www.quietcleangirls.com


Thanks a lot in advance.

If anybody have any question, ask me without fear, I´m happy to answer them :)
That guy on the poster looks like (young) Moses holding the ten typewritten commandments.
So, it's Old Testament .
I don't like what you're doing (though the animated gif with your eyes blinking is almost compellingly awful and creepy), I know I won't like the finished product (yes, before you've even started), and I'm not sure why I let you come in here (out of nowhere I might add) to pimp it. But here we are, so I suppose you should go for it.

There is very little in quiet clean girls in gingham dresses... to base a film on - even a short film. So what you're doing is using Bukowski's name to draw people to something you've written yourself. Something you were inspired to write by the Bukowski poem maybe, but still, something you wrote. If you want to be honest you might consider saying your film is "inspired by" rather than "based on."

Or better yet, leave Bukowski's name out of your art. That way he doesn't have to be associated with it when it stinks. Or fails to get made. But then without that name it would be more difficult to get your money, I understand.

I'd pay you $15,000 if you promised not make your movie, but I'm afraid you'd take the money and make the thing anyway.
I thought it was a kind of fabric and it turns out to be a kind of pattern.

It is a fabric, so you were right! - From Wikipedia: Gingham is a medium-weight balanced plain-woven fabric made from dyed cotton or cotton-blend yarn. It is made of carded, medium or fine yarns, where the colouring is on the warp yarns and always along the grain (weft). Gingham has no right or wrong side with respect to colour.


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