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The seller said to e-mail him if you're interested in unlisted items he has,....
And My God man,
He sent me an amazing 4(?!) page word document.
I think this guy has more than any of the pictures of book shelves
On some other thread on this forum.
Really, amazing.
Can I somehow post the word document he sent me
Sure, just hit the little paperclip icon above the text box when you're making a new post to attach a file.
Wow, ok that sounds painless....
I better get permission from him first tho.
Is he a member here?
I don't recognize his e-bay handle
I sold this guy a signed & numbered copy of "Pulp" a few years ago and it wasn't what I'd call a great transaction. He paid right away and I shipped the book within a couple of days. After about a week he emailed me saying that it hadn't arrived (I'd sent it Priority mail so it should have been there by then) so I tracked it and it showed that it was still in the system. I emailed him, apologized for the postal service and sent him the tracking number. Anyway, through no fault of mine (or his) this package went back and forth between his post office (up north somewhere) and mine like a fucking ping-pong ball. He emailed me after about after a few more days saying if the book wasn't there by such-and-such a date, like within three days, he wanted his money back. I told him if he ultimately didn't receive the book I would send him a refund, but as long as it was in transit he (and I) would have to wait. He sent several more emails, getting more demanding each time. I answered him a couple of times, reiterating what I had already told him, until I finally stopped responding. Nearly a month after I had sent it, he received the book. Then he left a neutral (at least it wasn't a negative) feedback that said something like "Very disappointing. Took a month to receive book. Doesn't respond to emails." Under the circumstances I thought it was pretty unfair. I had responded to all of his emails up until the time that he got rude and obnoxious about it. He knew that the package was in the system and could see as well as I could that the post office had fucked up. While I understood his frustration at having to wait so long, his attitude towards me was really unneccessary and not called for.

As a post script, looking at his feedback now I see a negative about something he sold taking a long time to arrive with his response that he has no control over the post office... karma perhaps?

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