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Hi there! I'm looking for Charles quotation- I know it in my language (czech), but I can't find it in original english.
It could be something like : "The world belongs to those who doesn't shit" (red part is probably good, but I don't know the rest.
Does anybody can hepl me?
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This is probably not what you're looking for but in the novel Factotum (chapter 66) is

It pays to be a tough son of a bitch. The world belongs to the strong.


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From Wikipedia:
In Czech, holding in your shit is equated with strength. Which makes sense if you think about it, because it's really difficult to not shit. The idea dates back to the when the Czech Republic was called Bohemia, and they had to do a lot of things we might find distasteful in modern times. Like holding in your shit for long periods.

Interestingly, that's also why people in the 1950s thought the "bohemians" of the time smelled bad. Because they were thinking of the old school Bohemian legends that maintained that the Bohemians held in their shit for extended periods.
Otto jr and hank solo - thanks - both is good, I found something more "The world belongs to those who doesn't shit in the corner" could it be right???
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Where did you get the Czech version from? If it's in a book, what is the book? What's the poem or story called?

It wasn't in a book, it was a picture which I saw on facebook - The world belongs to those who doesn't shit in the corner (in translate) there was this quotation and Bukowski photo.
I think it's just his quotation, which he said someday, somewhere .-)
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there are many false Buk quotations on the facebook. take them with a grain of salt.
like John Martin once said so eloquently: "find what you love and let it reduce you to ashes."

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