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Buck Adams was a ruthless prevaricator, a brawler, a raucous drunk (when he was not on the wagon), a man who, I assume, never met an illicit narcotic he didn't like (particularly cocaine), an obviously troubled soul, and a hell of a nice guy, a Mephistopholes in angel's guise.

Buck was born Charles S. Allen on November 15, 1955. Buck's sister, porn star Amber Lynn, got her brother into the adult film business in the late 1980s after short-lived careers as boxer and a bouncer. Buck went on to appear in over 300 films and videos as an actor and performer. He also enjoyed an award-winning career behind the camera, directing more than 70 features. In 1996, I was proud to write the screenplay for "Night Club" for Buck Adams, a 35mm shot-on-film flesh epic, a gangster melodrama that was intended to be his tribute to Martin Scorsese ... in reality, the big-budget XXX epic was more akin to an adult industry version of Michael Cimino's "Heaven's Gate", a troubled production plagued by budget constraints, permit issues, and every other problem you can think of. I extended my professional relationship with Buck in 1999 when I interviewed him on-camera for his (plenty fabricated) memories of adult film legend John Holmes for the feature documentary "Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes."

Buck was plagued by heart problems for quite some time, surviving a series of heart attacks in the late 90s. Yesterday, Buck Adams passed away at a hospital in Northridge at the age of 53.

Inexplicably, Buck never called me by my name. I was always "Cowboy" to him. The only other person who ever called me "Cowboy" for no good reason at all was Mel Brooks, who I encountered in the parking lot of 20th Century-Fox studios quite frequently back in 1979 when I was on the lot to meet with Ronny Graham at the "M*A*S*H" production offices.

It was a long, rough ride for ya, Buck, but you finally got that prime spot on the bench out front of the Trail's End Saloon. Rest in peace, Cowboy.

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