R.I.P. Robin Williams (1 Viewer)

Glad Ski is back on the obituary desk, sad to see this earlier today. I was totally amazed at about 16 years of age and he did his big return stand up about being a coke head. It just kind of proved that you can be sober and still be funny as shit... although I will never be sober or even close to that funny... the guy was a decent human being and if my obit says that, I'd feel pretty damn good about my life...
It is sad about Robin Williams, but there seems a long history between comedians and mental health problems of one sort or another.
You must be crazy to start with to want to get up in front of a crowd and try to make them laugh, surely the most difficult thing in the world to do, but thank god they do it.But in private many of them seem to be introverts, with a dislike of, or trouble with people ( again, perhaps not so crazy) but maybe that's too much of a cliche.

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