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Lester Bangs wrote this about the song: "every four years Dylan writes a "new" protest song, and it's always about a martyred nigger, and he always throws in a dirty word to make it more street-authentic. I don't use the word "nigger" for effect or to make myself look hip, but rather because just like our fathers before us that is all Jackson and Carter have been to him: another human life to exploit for his own purposes." He goes on to say how Dylan doesn't give a damn about Carter or justice. Pretty harsh. And, I guess, not in any way a tribute to Carter like this thread is supposed to be. Seeing the name Rubin Carter again made me think of the Bangs article, that's all.
Great song and of course we´ve all watched the movie about Carter. In the song Dylan sings in the refrain that Carter could have been boxing champion of the world which I´ve read was´nt true at all. Something about his boxing career was waning before he got arrested. Of course, that does´nt take away from the fact that he was falsely convicted.

R.I.P. Ruben Carter.
You're right, his career was on the wane when he was convicted. He'd been a very good boxer but I think he'd lost something like 4 out of his last 5 fights in the run up to being imprisoned. He wasn't quite world champion class but he was the level below that which is still outstanding. He did fight for the World Middleweight Championship belt 2 or 3 years before, but he lost.
Nothing wrong with Bob using Carter's story as inspiration for a great song.
It may even have helped Carter's cause, who knows...

Looks like Bob's lawyers lwayered down the link to the song.
No matter, here's another one:


Listening to this album version it strikes me that the live version they've removed was better - more intense. Perhaps they have it lined up for release in the Bootleg series.
My internet provider has banned Grooveshark (just like they´ve done to Pirate Bay). Oh well, I have the song in the Bootleg Series "Live ´75" and on the "Desire" album so I´m good.
In terms of semi-bio Dylan tunes, I was always more partial to "Joey". Also on Desire and many bootlegs, but still no official
live version, I don't think.
What I don't like about Joey is the way Dylan made a hard core mafia gangster into some kinda decent person and the way he romanticizes him in the song.
The quote about "Hurricane" I used above is from the article "Bob Dylan's Dalliance with Mafia Chic: He Ain't No Delinquent, He's Misunderstood" and is mostly about the song "Joey." And, Bukfan, Bangs says basically the same thing, but in a hilarious and offensive way. It was in The Village Voice and later Cream in 1976.
I have´nt heard of that Village Voice/Cream article before. I would have liked to have read it.
What I don't like about Joey is the way Dylan made a hard core mafia gangster into some kinda decent person and the way he romanticizes him in the song.

Dylan is an odd duck, for sure. But I give him big props for being whatever he wanted to be as an artist. While I agree that it's somewhat odd to listen to the likes of Hattie Carroll or A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall along with a train-wreck such as Joey, you've got to either accept it as what he wants to do or not. There you go.
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As you say, he is an odd duck and there's never been an artist or band where I liked all their songs and that goes for Dylan too. I´m just glad he made so many songs that I do like. Those I don't like, I never listen to anyway.

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