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Rare Bukowski and Not-So-Rare Bukowski (1 Viewer)


Here are some books that are being offered. I tried to be fair with prices, but if any look out of line, feel free to bust my balls. Shipping is additional. Have a look and let me know.... I can send photos, of course. just lemme know.

Rare(r) Books & 1st Editions

At Terror Street and Agony Way - Black Sparrow Press, 1968, First Edition, 1/747, paper. Some sunning to the spine and slight bumps at yapped edges. The inside is stunningly perfect. This is one of the nicest copies that I have seen. $300

Poems Written Before jumping Out Of An 8 Story Window - poetry Xchange 1968, First Edition, 1/400. Perfect condition, except.... The text block was stapled, but the cover never attached. This could be done, but I never had the heart to change it. This is the way that it was assembled 40 years ago. $175

The Day It Snowed in LA - Paget Press, 1986. First Edition HARDBACK. Lettered edition (this one "F"), with pink spine. Not even listed in Krumhansl. Buk signed and included a little man w/ bottle drawing. $350

A Visitor complains of my Disenfranchise, Illuminati Press, 1987. First Edition. Wraps with brass "doorknob". 1/225 copies. A strange little book. $200

The Movie: Barfly - Black Sparrow Press 1987. Hardcover Trade 1st Edition. 1/500. As new. $80

Three by Bukowski - Black Sparrow Press 1992. Hardback 1st, 1/104 copies. As New. $110

Bukowski Photographs 1977-1987 by Montfort. 1987. One of 470 copies in wraps. Some staining on the front and rear covers. The rear stain was almost certainly from a price sticker. Still a nice looking book. $175.00

Hot Water Music, Black Sparrow Press 1983. Paperback 1st Edition. Near Fine condition. $30

The People Look Like Flowers At Last, Hardback 1st Edition. $10

Slouching Toward Nirvana, 1st Hardback $10


Dear Friend: A Letter from Henry Miller to Charles Bukowski, Table Talk Press 1987. $30
Chilled Green, Alternative Press 1970, $40
Body Slam, X-Ray Press, $75
Democracy, X-Ray Press, $50
War All the Time, A Poet*5 $20
Crime & Punishment, black Sparrow Press $20
Playing it Out, Toothpaste Press $20
A consistent sort, X-Ray Press $50
Fencing With the Shadows, X-Ray Press $200
Three more By Bukowski, X-Ray Press $25
Upon This Most Delicate Profession, Second Coming Press, signed by A.D. Winans. $75
What they Want, Maurice Neville Rare books 1977 $20

What-nots and hoosiwinkers

High School Senior Yearbook, Summer 1939 THE picture from the cover of ham on Rye is here. Also, Buk is listed in the ROTC with a small pic. $350

High School Senior Yearbook, Winter 1939, no big Buk picture, but he is listed by name in the ROTC. Also, big pix of people like Baldy Mullinax, Jim Haddox.... $100

Funeral Announcement, 1994. This one of the actual funeral announcements passed out at Buk's funeral. $200

X-Ray #7. 1998, Issue includes 1 Buk poem, also Billy Childish, Dan Fante, Michael Montfort, A.D. Winans, Hubert Sebly jr, Jason Davis. $250

The FBI Files. Published by 12 Gauge Press in 2003. Draft copy. 1 of only 5 copies, this being the editor's copy. Numbered 1/5 and signed by Michael Montfort. Published without cover, the large book is just glued at the edge. This was released before the cover was finalized. $200

Reading Copies and later printings:

South of No North, Black Sparrow, Hardcover, later printing from 1995. Some wear, but still nice looking. $30
Dangling in the Tournefortia, Hardcover, later printing from 1998. $30
Hot Water Music, paperback reading copies. Both from Black Sparrow Press, one from 2001, one from 1988, both look nice, but are not perfect. $5 each.
Women, paperback, Black Sparrow Press, 2001. $5
Mockingbird Wish me Luck, black Sparrow Press 1998, near fine $7
The Captain is Out to Lunch, Black Sparrow Press 2000, slight wear $5
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Sorry ROC,

Fencing went a couple hours ago.

Also gone is:

Body Slam, X-Ray Press
War All the Time, A Poet
A consistent sort, X-Ray Press
Fencing With the Shadows, X-Ray Press
Three more By Bukowski, X-Ray Press
Upon This Most Delicate Profession, Second Coming Press, signed by A.D. Winans.
What they Want, Maurice Neville Rare books 1977


I sat and stared at this post shortly after it went up and thought, "Fencing? Fencing?" but in the end I had to resist the temptation.
I'll list some of these books on ebay on Tuesday. Anyone interested in getting them before then, please let me know, please let me know.

I also have some other items, but I'm not sure if I want to list them.

Bill, Those are some impressive books. I hope they're extra copies and you aren't being forced to cash out everything to make the mortgage -- which is not that far from my own current situation. I would be tempted but my Paypal balance is a buck and some change. No more books for me for a while.

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