rare Bukowski scan from OUI magazine 1981

hi forum, long-time lurker, first-time poster here, so forgive me if a- this is misplaced, and b- against forum rules, but i recently was fortunate enough to come into possession of a piece on Bukowski, in an old "gentleman's" magazine. i searched the net to see if it had been shared anywhere, and since it wasnt/isnt, i thought maybe i could share it here with others who have appreciation for all things Bukowski...

from the september 1984 1981 edition OUI adult/men's magazine, with the cover reading "Bukowski - so how can we keep ignoring the king of wild-hair poets", an article based on Joe Wolberg's book (not yet released at the time) "Bukowski Talking":

oui01.jpg oui02a.jpg oui03a.jpg
oui04a.jpg oui05a.jpg oui06a.jpg
oui07a.jpg oui08a.jpg oui09a.jpg oui10a.jpg oui-sidebar.jpg


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Great Post!

I am a little confused by something on the cover, though, where it says: The 20 Best Record Stores in the USA ... what's a record store???? :p

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I think the cover above actually says September 1981. There's just a spot there that makes it look like a 4.

And thanks for sharing the scan.


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all I can say is


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Great first post! Thanks a lot. Welcome aboard, insomnia13!


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"During a recent student uprising in Germany, an entire university was renamed Bukowski University for a few days" :D


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I'm very slow at reading such a lot on the computer, but hey! I managed it.

Awesome post, thank you!


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Who was that masked man?

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Maybe that was what he needed to do to get credit for an assignment or a class...thanks for stopping by, man.

He disappeared like a drop of water hitting hot grease.