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Rare Hand-Written Book - by Father Luke (1 Viewer)

I'm not sure if peeps here are aware, but Padre has a hand-written book up for sale. At an incredible price, I may add...

I, for one, have placed my order. Can't wait to get it. By the time you read this, it may be sold out already. But check with him, as I don't know. I believe there will be seven (YES, JUST SEVEN) copies of this available.

And they will all be original, hand-written books.

If you have read any of his works at FatherLuke.com, you will understand what I mean.

He is an original poet with a unique voice. His words go far beyond much of the tripe I read today "” and truly resonate. That's the blah, blah, blah. In my opinion, his fucking work is among, if not, the best out there today. While I haven't read everyone, I have read FL, and it merits praise.

Imagine being able to purchase one of just seven "hand-written" pieces?

If you are not too late, good luck.

My order is in.

(If any of this info is incorrect, don't blame FL, blame me, but methinks it is spot on.)


homeless mind
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I ordered one as well, hoping against hope there'd still be one.

I saw this a month ago and just figured they'd probably be all gone. Well, if I shoulda jumped on it earlier, I shoulda jumped on it earlier. C'est la whatever.
Received my book today, "The Seven Deadly Sins." This hand-written masterpiece is un(fucking)believable. Talk about over-delivering on a book. Padre, I am humbled to own one, of just seven. While I can't read it until 12/25 (agreed upon terms at the *ranch*); I did sneak peek and read one poem, while the Mrs. is out. It blew me the fuck away. I judge each year by what I collect; and you made my decade. Tx.


homeless mind

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