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Yes it looks real.

It's been listed a few times recently.


Yes, almost certainly authentic. The reason that I suspect that no one else jumped on it before is that he had incorrectly listed the shipping as a really high amount, like $150.00 to mail it. I asked him and he changed it, but it may have been too late. It has a bid now, so it will sell. Not sure how much it is worth as a curiosity, but it is probably worth more than the $100 that it is at right now...



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Dammit! I think I may have bounced another credit card payment to get this. It sold for $203.00, that seems like quite a deal compared to other letters. It's not the longest letter, and doesn't have a drawing or doodle, but MAN I would have framed that baby and slapped it on the living room wall! I think he may have even got more if he had "Bukowski Signed" in the listing. I usually scroll through the Buk signed stuff, but I guess I have to start looking at just scrolling through all the Charles Bukowski listings to find stuff like this. Ah, I'm actually pretty dissapointed I didn't see this in time.
yea, i think it really pays off to sort through ALL the buk stuff/junk to make sure you don't miss anything. case in point: i clicked on a random copy of Women for sale once, and upon inspecting the photos, i realized it was a HC 1st and picked it up for 20 bucks. the seller had no idea what he was selling...


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I think he may have even got more if he had "Bukowski Signed" in the listing

But it wasn't signed - unless one thinks the word "buk" in block letters counts as a real signature. That said, I would have liked to buy it for $200 too! If only I had known it would sell so cheap.
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