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Any other fans of the artist Raymond Pettibon out here?, got to be, hell, I'll bet old Buk himself would/might have liked his stuff too.

I slinked out of the suburbs today and headed in town for a bit. Stopped by an independant bookseller and saw this lovely volume put out by CFA Berlin of his work. I just love it. Trains, baseball, violence etc.

Of course, he's a big-ass rock star now, and his stuff probably sells for millions, but this is one volume of reproductions I want.

For those collectors out there, they got some of Buk's stuff under glass, and a first edition of the Satanic Bible for a cool grand. I was tempted to ask if they would take blood sacrifices in lieu of cash, but the clerk was one of those surly hipster types, that usually dislike my looks.



old and in the way
I used to buy the little numbered books that Pettibon would put out from Rhino Records in West L.A. I think that they cost about $1.25 each. I sold them on eBay a few years ago and got $300+ each for a few of them and $650 for one. Wish I'd have bought a stack of them way-back-when.

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