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I haven't been here since January 08.
I have read "Post Office and Women"
Probably read ham /rye next.
One question to those who read this thread.Would U be willing to read
CB'sworks on a radio show?
I am going to add CB's name to my list.If no takers I may have to do it myself,but thoght ot a good idea if U took part.I am a newcommer to CB.
Take a look for yourself at(
Just Participate.
Take care.learner
I'd dig doing that. But, I'm baffled at how to actually listen to your show. I'm new to that Blogtalkradio site and for some reason cannot find a player on the page anywhere. Any ideas?

Where it says: "Other shows you might be interested in", are those your archived shows?

I'd dig doing that. But... for some reason cannot find a player on the page anywhere. Any ideas?

*koff* - - - >
Yeah yeah. When I read the line "Other shows you might be interested in," it gave me the impression that they were OTHER shows, as in shows LIKE this one. Nevermind.
Well,lets try again and it isn't about you.It is about me and my dysfunctional ability to get things handled.
Go to my page at Let me know what you think of getting some Buk poetry read or commented on.

I am going to bed. getting ready for a wild ride. One too many Merlots. This means no BP pills or sleeping pills tonight. Just me and the Gremlins.
Take care. learner
One more try.
The Fn program changed.
May be simpler.Try this<>search<learnercurious1>
What can I say?
I didn't promise you roses did I?Slurp and a chaser!
I flunked comedian school.CB would have been a good read back in the Day.

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