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my wife and I take our 4 year old son to the library once a week. he picks out his own books. for a while he was picking "beginning sign language for preschoolers" type books. I don't know why, we don't know anyone who signs, but he picked up a few signs.

we think getting familiar with books early is important, but I'm a bit of a freak. I could read at age 3. not that it helped me in life any, but without books I'd be one lonely fucker.
Hm... Very interesting. Working in a bookstore... Yeah, more female customers. Mostly shitty romance and James Patterson. But at least they read something. Even if it sucks.

Men buy either business, sci-fi, or gift cards. Occasionally computer books.
and as sort of an opposite end of the spectrum, there was this in the new york times recently.

that's why everyone in the lunchroom thinks I'm a pretentious twit.
So....Make sure you have an attractive pen name.

Who was that air head muscle guy who was on the cover of the romance novels?????
I'm having a senior moment. You know with the long hair and bad accent.

Thank you mjp.

i've known very few guys in my life who are 'readers' in the traditional sense and - up until now - i'd never dated a guy who read fiction for pleasure.

maybe it's interesting to note that back in the early days of the first novels, it was only women who read them. novels were considered 'trashy'.
reading being a chick thing explains the tons and tons of hot tail i was pulling down in graduate school.

Overall, I agree with the points made in this article. Lee Porter, the "31 year-old rarity" cited in this article probably is indeed pretty rare, in that he came of age when many of his generation had video games and the Internet to tempt them away from reading. The love of reading catches fire early, but the conditions have to be right, also. For guys anyway. That's my amateur-sociologist observation.

Why do us males need the "right conditions" to make it happen ? Because I don't think we have the innate curiousity about DETAIL that females are born with that naturally leads to activities such as reading. Men are simpler and more end-results oriented. Don't give us the intro and expositon, we want the resolution.

(And isn't it funny that I had to capitalize DETAIL to make sure my fellow troglodytes understood ? )

(And isn't it totally an alpha-male thing that I felt compelled to seperate myself from the rest of the primates on this board by the above snarky comment ?)

(And don't I belong in a zoo ?)

(Your suggestions welcome)
reading being a chick thing explains the tons and tons of hot tail i was pulling down in graduate school.


Actually there is a rock-star effect on girls
in poetry performance/readings.

That's why I rarely try reading.

(ha ha....crickets chirping...
clearing the throat

is this thing on ?

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What do you call Lassie, impregnated with a canteloupe seed ?



Thank you and good night
unfortunately all my male friends are readers. why unfortunately? if they weren't, it would be easier for ME to impress the girls around.
I've read randomly everything since I`ve been able to do so and continue doing so to the present day.

When I was a child, there was a birthday-party organized from my parents for my xx-somewhat birthday, lots of school-friends, cake ... etc., everything there. In the middle of the thing I got bored and just disappeared.

They found me in some silent corner, reading some huge book (it must have been Karl May) with the greatest of pleasures.
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Couple of interesting articles there.

I read like a fish breathes water. And, apparently, I fall into the guy category with it being the majority of what I read is musician bios, stuff about shamanism (drug induced), other assorted poetry, always a Hank book in the chair-side bookends, Existentialism/Atheism, more music bios. Shit, I got about 10 books going all at once at all times. There are fiction ones but they've all been read and shelved. Guess I just don't go out of my way for fiction much. Never really put any thought to it all until now.

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