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Yes, it looks legit. The other bird drawings there has his "BUK" signature and it looks like this one has it too, although it's a bit small to read clearly.
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yes, it is authentic and it was a drawing done for Black Sparrow Press. I have a catalog here that shows a few different ones that are housed in this university.

Interesting. That drawing is very unlike anything I've seen from Buk. But it does have his style all over it. The opinions of the folks who have weighed in are beyond reproach. It just surprises me, is all. Normally, his drawings are not filled in B/W, for example.
Hey Ben, welcome. Thanks for the link. Now I have yet another archive I'm interested in visiting. That Seamus Cooney sure was busy, wasn't he?
they are in that same website, if you check around the links. I have the printed biblio here, but it is easier to see the digital photos than me scanning them...

Oh man... look at all that stuff just on At Terror Street... And there's some artwork in there too?

It just makes me wonder... how many of those really rare illustrated editions of BSP are sitting in library collections and not on my shelf?
It "feels" like an authentic Buk drawing, but it is very unusual being filled in with black and quite precise. He was doing this, apparently, for John Martin to use as a press logo design, and being more careful and less sloppy than was normal for Bukowski.

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