Recently rekindled interest in Hank. lived in LA from 89 to 05 and been feeling sentimental. (1 Viewer)

New to this site and amazed it exists. I used to buy a lot from Red on Las Palmas starting in 89. That's where I met Hank the one and only time. Pretty good story for another time. Recently going through all my old Chinaski stuff for the first time in years and forgot some of the interesting shit I accrued. I was never a pro collector but due to circumstances and proximity I have some cool pieces. Perhaps nothing too rare but every one reminds me of those Hollywood years when I was young dumb ass caught up in the myth. Love to trade stories and rekindle my connection to that time and place. I live in Brooklyn with kids and minivan. A long way from the sideshow ski room and the other shitholes where I worked and drank away my youth. Fuck me.
caught up in the myth

Sounds cool. Guess you got to LA about the time when Guns n Roses were blowing up. Must have been bonkers. What was the myth like in the late 80s? I was 10 and stealing candy bars and porno mags from party stores in suburban detroit and then barreling home on our BMXs to consume, browse, practice WWF finishing moves on each other, and yes rock out to Appetite around that time.

Pretty good story for another time.

... gonna hold ya to that!
First job in LA was at Tower video on Sunset. Axle Rose had worked there as a shift supervisor 2 or 3 years before me. Slash would come in from time to time. One of my buddies I worked with was a guitarists named Dave Kushner who played in Velvet Revolver and other bands.
Crazy times. When Sam Kinison was king.
Can't imagine what kind of kingdom it would be to have Sam Kinison as the patriarch. I haven't been to LA but maybe once or twice on cheesy family trips as a kid to DisneySpam. Starting to feel a pull, though!

I used to buy a lot from Red

Who's Red? This is not the first time I've seen him mentioned around here.

I worked and drank away my youth.

Not much else to do with youth these days :cool: Wouldn't beat yourself up about it :)
Who's Red? This is not the first time I've seen him mentioned around here.
a bookseller extraordinaire. Sold lots of rare stuff. Famous for having 'moods'. Hank got along with him well. Was one of Hank's pallbearers.
He's the bookseller of the same name in 'Pulp'.
Sholom "Red" Stodolsky-proprieter of Baroque Books(1643 N. Las Palmas across from Micellis) . First place I ever bought Bukowski (Hollywood) and where I went mostly every Monday to shoot the shit and browse until he passed some years after Hank. I know a lot of people found him to be a cranky Fuck but he was always great to me whether I bought or not. He also arranged my one and only meeting with CB and was very generous to me with his time. Gave me some great collectibles stuff as well. His wife Mina was also really sweet whenever I ran into them at Canters. He always kept the door locked at Baroque and it was always strange to watch him not let potential customers into the shop depending on his mood. I miss that man.

Hank got along with him well. Was one of Hank's pallbearers.

Wow that's sayin a lot.

..I miss that man...

What, you don't get that same feeling of being challenged and inspired by Real Humans by loitering around on ebay and Abe?:(

Skrimoo, I'd be interested to hear if you remember talking with him about Bukowski. What did Red have to say about Bukowski? Any specific conversations or details pop out?

ps. thanks for the pic, that's a beauty.
Many talks about many different things including writers. One pretty funny story involved Madonna coming to Baroque to buy a present for SP before they were married. She apparently tried to work him for a discount on a book that maybe cost $500.00. He used the words schnorrer, Madonna and pussywhipped in the same sentence. He also seemed to have a pretty healthy dislike of celebrities slumming for rarities, but as he once told me "they're staining my pockets green. got it?" Yeah Red. Got it.

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