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“The essential doesn't change.” Beckett
youtube did not note when and where this was recorded. Curious. Does anyone here know? Great reading.

[This video is unavailable.]
Does anyone here know?

= Friday 14th September 1973, City Lights City Lights Poets Theater, San Francisco.


Or not. It is the recording made by Taylor Hackford, which was actually Sept 14 1972.

Up to Frisco tomorrow - PSA - Hollywood - Burbank to give a reading. They claim it’s the largest SF crowd since Yevtushenko the Russian poet. The auditorium holds 750 and they claim to be sold out. I hope they are. I get half the god damned take and at 2 bucks a head maybe I can afford a cold beer when I get back. 750 for Billy Graham ain’t cat’s turds but for poetry it’s something. o, yeh, I write poems too, kitten.
To Patricia Connell, September 13, 1972 : Living on Luck
Yeh, I remembered, after my initial post (which I was busy editing when you posted). Cheers roni!
Just some cheap red wine tonight. Nice drop tho'.
My booze is just cheap as well. Someday we both'll be able to pay the price for a decent soup.

That poem is a really GREAT one!
as is this CD (LP if you can get it).
Buk is also reading this poem in the 'Bukowski-Tapes'. Great buy too.
Instead of clicking "Like" on every comment here I will just say thank you everyone for schooling me in the ways of Buk recordings. I got "Reads His Poetry" on vinyl the last time I was in Manhattan. Will have to check out "Poems & Insults" and "Bukowski- Tapes". :D
Can I quote you gb? My wife still thinks I'm a missanthrope but that's probably because she a Canadian. They're extra nice, doncha know. :cool:

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