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Digney in Burnaby

donkeys live a long time
Lotta sweat to get these pages in order. I am a dunce, and a frustrated one at that.

Let's see, when I first started this there were four poems, not the five listed in the database, one title having been split in two. The explanation seems to come from the NYQ web page.

Disgusting is collected by there are variations to its collected appearance.

Phew, I swear this took decades...

dumb night 1 nyq56.jpg

the good life 1 nyq56.jpg

disgusting nyq56.jpg
Here's the PDF version again...


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This was the first appearance of Disgusting (collected in Bone Palace Ballet) and Well, Yes, This Is a Bitter Poem (mutilated edited and collected in Slouching Toward Nirvana as This Is a Bitter Poem).

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