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Noticed on abe. that Parrish (is it?) Books are selling one of their "premier" books ("Burning...") which has Bukowski's signature in red/pink ink. Does anyone else own one of these limited editions? and is the signature in red/pink ink?

Realise that this is a spam-brain question, but I'm curious. It just caught my eye - I've never seen Buk in pink (one in silver, I think, on ebay recently).

Martin Amis once said that the best question he'd never been asked in interviews is how hard he pressed on the paper when writing / signing, etc...

Buk signed MOST of the Loujon books in Silver, but some were in Orange, red and probably pink. My copy of "Crucifix In A Deathhand" is signed "Charles Bukowski / 3/21/65 / The Quarter / New Orleans". It is signed in florescent ORANGE. It is the nicest copy that I have owned, having owned 5 or 6 of these, before I settled on this one as my favorite and the only one that I still have. I would buy one and then when a better copy came along, I would buy that and sell my old copy.

SO, I think that Pink is probably not out of the question.

i recently judged a juried photography show - the results went in and awards were made...the critics (local) press offerings beat up the one 'place' award signed in silver - beat it up to the point the poor bastard may never sign in silver again - i tend toward your take bill - there is a novelty about it and the work becomes more sought after -

rrat (signed in 'teal') :^)


Usually wrong.
Bill: my copy of CRUCIFIX is signed in neon orange, with just the date: 3/20/65. Isn't this sad: I can't remember what color ink my first copy of CRUCIFIX (which I sold) was signed in (the orange is my second copy), nor the ink used in my copy of IT CATCHES (sold and never replaced), and one of those sold books also had a hand-written poem in it (!!!!) which the buyer didn't pay anything extra for in those give-away-prices days. What was the poem? Damned if I know. Dumn, dumb, dumb. But hell, at least I've got my signed in orange ink copy, and it's a beauty with the wrap around band. I'd like to replace IT CATCHES but I haven't got a spare $1000 laying around. Maybe when my last kid is out of college?

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