Registered Letter: Knight Magazine, November 1970, Vol. 8, No. 7 (1 Viewer)

Pogue Mahone

Officials say drugs may have played a part
Here’s a little Thanksgiving treat for you all – an unedited chapter from Post Office.

This is primarily Chapter 14, published three months before the novel. There is also an intro of sorts, and a short scene with Jane – apparently Bukowski named her Betty Fairstar in the original typescript, not Betty Williams.

To provide some context, I am including a small part of a Bukowski letter to Carl Weissner from July 11, 1970. This letter is included in Abel Debritto’s On Writing – you should definitely pick up a copy to read the whole letter, in which Bukowski bitches about John Martin editing Post Office to “straighten out the grammar.”

"By the way, I have sold 3 or 4 chapters from the novel to the dirty mags, one of them out the other day; already paid for the others. That’s before I mailed the typescript to Martin, which is like sending one of your children to the fucking tombs. Anyhow, I typed the stories right out of the typescript and I didn’t hear any complaints about dangling participles…"



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