"The law is wrong; I am right"
I think it's getting more and more difficult to recover after having read one edited poem after another for quite a while now, but I'll do my best.
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Jesus, what a mess. I've got all the posthumous books, bought them as quick as they would show up in the big box stores, read them once and then forget them. Not the same with books like Mockingbird or The Days Run Away. I used to spend a Saturday evening (I confess, I am a loser) reading one of those Bukowski books. Never done that with Sifting Through the Madness.

These Saturday evenings I fiddle on the computer (still a loser).


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I don't think I've ever re-read a posthumous book either, and I always felt funny about that. Like maybe I was becoming jaded. But then the fact that I still pull the old ones off the shelf probably should have made me wonder 'why' a long time ago...
I don't even own most of the posthumous books. Only 'Come on in' and 'What matters most' - and 'Continual Condition', which Linda B. gave me (amongst some other stuff).

The bukowski-shop doesn't offer the posthumous books either.
Mostly broadsides. Also the Spanish mag with Abel's article (Buk on the 'Back'-cover). Two or three books I didn't have.

I think, I don't spread a secret here, telling that she can be Very generous.

Of course, I consider all this stuff being given to and property of the Bukowski-Society-Archives rather than me personally. (Except for the trade editions of the books, which I have on my privat book-shelf now and believe that's okay.)

due to a different thread, I got aware that 'Betting' is another posthumous book I have. Not a big fan of that one though.


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I said I feel like puking, I didn't say I actually puked. Girls might puke a lot, but I can hold it down. I'm a badass like that!


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The world will know, eventually. At which point I predict the world will shrug, mumble "whatever," and go to Starbucks.


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Like bands always re-release stuff over and over again, with demo versions of the final songs, etc. Has this ever been considered? After reading so many of the differences, it would be pretty cool to have a book without all the changes.


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These are unbearable. I'm seriously considering going to Starbucks and opening a vein.

We were robbed.

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