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Hi all,

It's been a little while since I've been on the forum.

I'm obsessed and protective of Bukowski - he was all I read from the age of 14 to 21. I'm coming to New York in September for a couple of weeks and LA for a couple/few days.

I was hoping you might suggest some relevant cultural (Bukowski related) sites for me to visit.

I don't drive, which I hear could potentially be a problem, so I'd also welcome advice on a central place to stay.


Found this: - anyone been on it or the Fante one?
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It seems like it could be a good way to see a lot in a short period of time without my own car, and maybe meet some like-minded people.

Still definitely open to suggestion :)
It's neat what is all available now days. When I lived in Las Vegas from '86 to '98 no information of Bukowski whereabouts where easily obtained in those days. Although I wanted to make pilgrimage to visit him while he was alive - missed for about three years and closest ever came was 6' at the grave site. Too bad you don't drive. The most rentals are now equipped with GPS devices and you would have no trouble finding the every spot in L.A. ( and beyond) you wish to visit.
Usually you're told, you can't use them in LA, but I say:

It's definitely possible to make LA by bus. (public transport that is.)
It's unexpensive and the system is easy to use, once you've got it. (They even have GPS-monitors in the buses, that show your position on a map.)

You will not get to see every little pothole, but the Hollywood/Western junction, including DeLongpre, Carlton Way and North Mariposa are easy. There you can take the bus no 2 or 302 on Sunset to head for downtown LA (Bunker Hill, etc) in the east or Musso's in the west. It's all one ride.
I took the tour a few years ago. The tour, the tickets were a gift from my girlfriend at the time(So i guess the cheesiness of her typing in bukowski on google, finding the tour and buying the tix meant more than the tour itself, anyway...). I brought it up on the forum when I first joined and definitely got some flak for it, well not just the tour, but for also mentioning Howard Stern in a sentence with Buk, yet all in all, I enjoyed the tour. It was fun, a good way to kill a day. I live here, and have for 3 decades, so didn't see much new, but I would imagine for a first time, quick tour of some of these places, it's not that bad of an idea.
Well, I emailed the tour company and they're not running any when I'm in town anyway - that solves that. I'll be at the mercy of the buses, or maybe I'll rent a bike.

Thanks for the great advice Gerard :)
Hey thebadges, I was over in your neck of the woods a month ago. What culturally interesting places are there to visit in Brisbane? I stayed over in Noosa, so the only thing I saw in Brisbane was the airport, but next time I fly over I'd like to see some of the city.

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