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Bukowski was lying
outside my door the other morning.
In two thick volumes no less.
That's what I get
for telling my neighbor
I like to write.

I stepped right over him.
Went outside like I always do
to greet morning and smoke.
Left the bastard lying there.
He would have liked that,
liked my dismay at his appearance.

I gathered him up reluctantly
on my way back in.
Why is HE here I wondered.
Like sticks from Santa Claus.
Charley the downer.
Threat to my fragile joy.

At first I put him
in my magazine rack by the toilet.
I figured that would please him.
Perfect place
for his disturbing neutrality.
His base takes.

Of course his random arrival,
forced me to read him.
Midst clucks, tsk tsks and grunts,
slowly, and sadly,
I found myself cheering him.
Against my will.

I never wanted to read the Buk,
but fate has forced him on me.
Staring at his picture,
I've realized it's time
to surrender to him.
He's on my bedside table now.....
Well, for the record we don't generally allow user-poetry in the forums, but as an introduction for yourself we'll let that stand.

Welcome. Have fun discovering the real Bukowski, not the one you thought you knew.
So true Black Swan, so true. Hello and nice to meet you. Bill, I don't know who did the poster but I sure like it.....Hello, nice to meet you as well!! Thank you for the greetings, both, very much.
Yep, it is Shepard Fairey. Notice the little "Andre the Giant" face in the symbol at the base of her neck.

Yeah, that Andre the Giant face is the logo of the brand/company Obey. And by the way welcome, and be prepared to spend countless hours on here instead of sleeping, it's a common symptom.

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