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I'm writing my thesis about the outsider in Bukowski's novels. I'm looking for the articles about Bukowski from Review of Contemporary Fiction, Vol. 5, No. 3, Fall 1985. I believe they could be useful for me. Does any of you have some of them or know where I can find them? I would be grateful for help!
No, there is no harm asking. If you could see that stuff online, I'm sure someone here would know where to find it, so you asked in the right place.

I would offer to send the book to you, but it weighs about 20 pounds and it would probably take $39 and 6 months to get it to Poland (if it ever arrived). By then you'll be finished with your thesis and working on the crew of a whaling ship in the Sea of Japan somewhere.

I can't offer to send you scans because I never scanned it. I can't scan it. A) I'm afraid it would break the scanner glass and injure my small dog, and B) whenever I open the book I immediately fall asleep. It's the damnedest thing.

So I'm sorry. I want to help, but I can't.
my library doesn't have an access to this, unfortunately.

Hey Maja

All the articles from that issue should be available digitally through most university databases. That's how I got a hold of 'em. The MLA Bibliography is usually the most comprehensive one (and all the Buk articles from Review of Contemporary Fiction 5.3 WILL come up with full text options), but your library will need to have a subscription. Check the MLA website for details.

Alternatively, if you do have limited database access where you are, I'm happy to send you PDFs of whatever you need. Give me a shout, there's a few good essays in there.

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