Review of Contemporary Fiction.

A few years back Maja asked if anyone had a copy of The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Vol. 5 No. 3 (Fall, 1985). As far as I can tell no one else has mentioned it (I'm probably wrong). I gifted a copy to a pal a few years back and when he moved to Vietnam last year he gave me all his books, including a few from our man. And the Fall '85 Review. I've been re-reading it recently. For you completists out there, it's "Bukowski/Butor" number and there are 13 essays dedicated to his life and work (appx. 63 pages). It has been mentioned before but I figured I'd bring it up again here for those who weren't aware of it and have exhausted the biographies and other critical works and recollections (and there are quite a few; I was lucky enough to read them when I worked at Olin Library, Cornell. They have a really large Bukowski collection, including the first two in their archives. Jon Webb did a beautiful job!) Copies abound online for around 20 USD. I wasn't really "wowed" by the essays but they're worth a read. I hope someone finds this useful :)


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there are 13 essays dedicated to his life and work (appx. 63 pages)
You wouldn't possibly be able to scan and post them here for our convenience, would you?
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