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A few years back Maja asked if anyone had a copy of The Review of Contemporary Fiction, Vol. 5 No. 3 (Fall, 1985). As far as I can tell no one else has mentioned it (I'm probably wrong). I gifted a copy to a pal a few years back and when he moved to Vietnam last year he gave me all his books, including a few from our man. And the Fall '85 Review. I've been re-reading it recently. For you completists out there, it's "Bukowski/Butor" number and there are 13 essays dedicated to his life and work (appx. 63 pages). It has been mentioned before but I figured I'd bring it up again here for those who weren't aware of it and have exhausted the biographies and other critical works and recollections (and there are quite a few; I was lucky enough to read them when I worked at Olin Library, Cornell. They have a really large Bukowski collection, including the first two in their archives. Jon Webb did a beautiful job!) Copies abound online for around 20 USD. I wasn't really "wowed" by the essays but they're worth a read. I hope someone finds this useful :)
there are 13 essays dedicated to his life and work (appx. 63 pages)
You wouldn't possibly be able to scan and post them here for our convenience, would you?
Good karma my be the reward - or a copyright-lawsuit, depending on what fate the gods have meant for you.
I would prefer not to post copyrighted material. We have posted some here in excerpts and for comparison purposes which could be argued to be fair use. Posting a 63 page chunk of a book, probably not fair use.
Roni, there you go. I'd be happy to do it, but copyright is copyright, and I don't want to endanger the forum, certainly not against mjp's recommendation. I could scan an article for you. PM me if you're still interested. Contributors are: Ernest Fontana, Jimmie E. Cain, Jr., Jack Saunders, Keith Abbott? Gerald Locklin, David Glover, Locklin again, Thomas McGonigle, Loss Glazir, Jack Byrne, Norman Weinstein, Julian Smith, and Stephen Kessler.
Ok, I see the point.
No need to take the effort of scanning especially for me, pal. Was just an idea.
Thanks for the info.

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