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Wasn't there another recent review of one of the old City Lights books?

I like the illustrations of a book no one reading the review will ever see, and a post office as they were 50 years before Bukowski was born. So relevant. Like the review.

It's odd that these are springing up. I don't see reviews of 40 year old books from other authors, unless they are being re-released after being out of print for years or something. Weird.
I should write a review of Flower, Fist & Bestial Wail and see if I can get it published. It is important that people know about the newest hot titles AND ones that came out 4 decades ago.

I wonder why they published a review of Post Office almost four decades after it was published, but it's not too bad, actually...
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You can comment on the current or not-so-current nature of the review, but it was a fairly positive review and not too badly written, so I don't really see the harm.
The review is actually called an "essay". I guess you can write essays about books written a few thousand years ago. Actually, that's not uncommon.
I always liked the idea, to review (or have essays about) books that aren't brand new.

Why should potential readers only get the chance to be pointed at the latest stuff, when out there, there is so much timeless, immortal stuff? (I once tried to establish a monthly review-section of not-new books in our local city magazine, but failed.)

I never understood, why only new books should be reviewed. Or why radio stations should only play the actual top-ten instead of immortal music of a previous decade.

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