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Revising a listing on E-Bay (1 Viewer)

zoom man

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Do any of you guys know how to revise and item,
Without duplicating the whole damned thing?
Do you know what I mean.
I managed to add photos to 3 of my items
(AOL is way too protective of its' users, that was the problem, but that is another story/book, long boring book)
But now you have to see my listing that way it was
Then the revised edition is on the bottom.
Is there an e-bay secret that I'm missing?
Try adding to the listing. Then you can add the pictures from a hosted account. You add the html
<img src=http://yourwebsite.com/buk1.jpg>

If you cannot upload the pics, e-mail them to me and I'll put them on my server. Then I'll e-mail you the html links to use so that you can get the pics up there... Just let me know..

Wow, thanks for the offer Bill,
But Christ, aren't you busy enough!
Yeah, I guess idle hands blah blah devil blah blah....
I did revise the items adding the html to the description,
It's just that the items look like an ungodly mess now
What with the original then the revised holding her up.
And hey, let me welcome you to this forum too.
I've bought much from you,
And have always been happy......
Remember, You included a hand written note on how to open the Buddah Buk item I bought.
Good luck to you, and thanks again for the offer.

Go here and see what I mean about the item-sitting-on-itself
(All because I neglected to include Buk's signature to begin with....
I bet he's having a ball up there, watching the Buk frenzy)
Zoom Man,

you can host your images for free in places like Photobucket or Imageshack. You upload the images there and then you have the option to cut'n'paste the image with all the codes you need so the image appears as it should in the eBay item's description.
I was mauled by a buyer who wanted the book without yet winning it!
The insurance bills are piling up,
That's why I'm hoping these books sell for big bucks!

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