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This is still a few weeks out, but I wanted to let you know about it.


Here is the info:

Jason Davis - A Bibliography of Works by Richard Krech; 1965-2009. 100 Pages. Cover illustration by Briana Miller. A complete bibliography that details every known printed appearance including books, magazines, anthologies and ephemera. Also includes bibliographic details on publications that Krech published under his Undermine Press imprint as well as Noh Directions Press. An exhaustively researched book. We are proud to offer this is hardback-only release. Limited to an edition of 74 numbered copies signed by Davis ($35) and 26 lettered copies signed by Davis, Krech & Miller ($50.) To be released in late May/Early June.

Some things not mentioned above...

The image above is for the lettered edition. The numbered edition will have a Japanese made brown cloth binding. The cover is printed letterpress on Canson Mi-Teintes hemp colored paper. The text is sewn in 5 signatures.

I expect that the numbered copies will be available for a while, but the lettered may go fast. Anyone interested can visit to pre-order a copy, or at least e-mail me and tell me to hold one for you.

Man...Bill...another gorgeous looking book. 4 and a 1/2 decades worth of small mags and chaps to sort through--that's got to be a mountain of work!
Yep, looks great as do all of your hardcovers. And kudos to Jason for undertaking a daunting task. Bibliographers should always be applauded for taking on important but generally thankless work with little or no chance of making a dime from it.

One correction though... the URL should read
Nice. What a huge project that must have been. My biblio took Bill and me a couple years, and it did not include magazine appearances nor other publications I'd been involved in, or edited, just my primary publications. I can't even imagine how much painstaking labor that would be. Congratulations to all involved.

Bibliographies rule. I catalogued one yesterday at the used bookstore where I moonlight Saturdays. It was on Hart Crane, and it contained exhaustive commentary and criticism on all items listed. I was humbled in its presence.
I think a comprehensive - meaning all inclusive, missed absolutely nothing - Bukowski (or Barker or Krech or...) bibliography is impossible.

I base that on my own experience trying to put together just a checklist of my own publications earlier this year. And I have a tiny, tiny fraction of of the number of publications that most of these other guys have.

I know I missed at least one or two things that I don't have a copy of or just can't remember the details for. If that's the case for me, with less than 20 "A" items and 50 or 60 appearances, I can't imagine how you could ever catch every publication of someone with thousands of appearances. There's always going to be stuff they don't have, forgot about or never even knew about.

But of course getting a 99% complete list is better than not trying (to paraphrase one often published writer).
Yes, you're right, you could compile a two thousand page bibliography of all the works by or about Judson Crews, and it wouldn't be 100% complete. I think that in the case of very prolific authors, that goes without saying. And in the case of Crews, who was published in hundreds of obscure little magazines in the 40s, it seems obvious no one will ever track all of them down.

It's like the romantic notion of counting all the stars in the sky on a summer night. You could give it a try, but...

And what about biblios devoted to authors who are very much alive? I can only think of poor Dorbin sending his manuscript to Martin fully knowing that, in that precise moment, an underground rag had just probably published some stuff by Bukowski, and that someone, a few weeks after the biblio came out, would tell him: "Hey, Slacker, you missed that one!"
Judson Crews would be VERY tough given the many, many pseudonyms that he used. The only real chance of ever doing this right would be while he is still alive and you can get the info first hand.

It is impossible to make a 100% accurate biblio when you are talking about the small press. Fogel did a great job, but missed a lot. Abel has found a TON, but has not found everything (look at WRITE!)

the problem, as mjp mentioned it is that often these things came out very fast. You would think that the author would know about it, but sometimes the magazine would not even inform those that they published that they were included and did not send them a copy. Recently, Richard Krech found a poem of his that was published in a 60's magazine. He never had any idea that he was in there and only found out when someone brought it to his attention. Then you have those mimeo mags that would see a good poem somewhere else and reprint it without permission.

The Krech biblio by Jason Davis is extremely accurate. The only way that any items were missed is if Krech did not know about it. There could be one or two pop up on the next few years, but it will be a surprise to everyone involved if it does. Jason did an amazing job on this biblio. Let's say that this biblio is 99.99% accurate. This allows for one or two items to be found in the future. I plan on doing a second printing if this sells out, so anything found will be included in any future editions as an appendix.


p.s. Abel, are you looking at doing a Judson Crews biblio? I knew that you were intense, but jeez....
You would think that the author would know about it, but sometimes the magazine would not even inform those that they published that they were included and did not send them a copy.

That happened to Bukowski a lot of times. An interesting case was the poem "I Saw a Tramp Last Night" in Scimitar and Song.

Nope, I don't think I'll ever tackle a Crews biblio. Though I do like challenges, I'm not insane... yet.
In my own case, I have been in publications I've never seen, where promised contributor copies weren't sent, and Ive learned I was in one anthology by accident -- the editor/publisher just didn't bother to contact me for permission to reprint a poem, and I've heard about but not seen an apparent pirated edition of my Bukowski memoir (I forget the details - printed somewhere in Europe), and then there are many little magazines I've been in and got a copy, glanced at it, and shoved it into my bookcase, or a pile of papers, and those get moved into boxes. Just finding all the stuff of my own that I have copies of would be a bitch. I THINK I found all the primary publications for Bill's biblio, but I'm not 100% sure. And who knows about the ones where you get an acceptance, and never know if the mag came out and if you're in it or not. I'm not highly prolific. For a writer who writes and publishes a lot over many decades, it would be close to impossible to track it all down.
Krech Biblio by Jason Davis Ready To Ship on Friday


These ship Friday. I have just a few lettered left. Anyone interested, please e-mail me or Paypal me. You can also go to the website at Jason Davis did an amazing job on this exhaustively researched bibliography.

(Old forum attachment ID is incorrect, see thumbnails.)

This summer promises to be very busy. The following titles will be out before Labor Day:


Various - Athenaeum; 5 Hardback books, each unique each containing a short story. Housed in a clamshell box. Each book contains original artwork or holograph poem by the author. New short stories by justin.barrett, Soheyl Dahi, Stephen Hines, Hosho McCreesh, Michael Phillips.

Neeli Cherkovski - Grotesque Empire; Letterpress printed broadside tipped into card cover.

John Dorsey - the new definition of patriotism; letterpress printed broadside.

Annie Menebroker - Sunscreen in the Fog; 16 page book. Published in paperback and signed hardback. the hardback has all pages overinked (more on this later).


Marvin Malone - Woodcuts; 8 woodcut prints from the original blocks, housed in a pastepaper hardcover portfolio. Limited to only 50 copies. A joint release with Lead Graffiti.

Owen Roberts - Canada's Finest Poet; 48 pages of poetry. illustrations by Jay Stephens. Published in paperback and signed hardback.

That should get me through the summer.

That hardcover short story thing is killing me... I'm trying to find stuff to sell to be able to afford it... But I'll probably peek at this broadsides as a consolation prize...
That hardcover short story thing is killing me... I'm trying to find stuff to sell to be able to afford it...

Eyeballin' that set, myself. You sound like you are trying to be financially responsible and really there's no happiness in that. I made peace with my unholy alliance with Paypal and Visa long ago and couldn't be happier.
Bill, you amaze me. That list of summer publications would take me two or three years, if I had the gumption to see it through.

I am ordering them all in spirit, if not in fact, my financies being extremely strained at this time.

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