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Hi All,

I am taking orders on this new release. Shown below is the deluxe edition that I just did the mock-up on. Details are below:

krech realer 2.jpg
krech realer 3.jpg

krech realer 1.jpg

Richard Krech - realer than realityPoetry. (16pp), 8 inches x 11 inches.
Fine Press edition publishes, for the first time, the author's printed, but never released 1st book from 1966. The book is letterpress printed on the finest Zerkall Book Paper in 3 colors. The cover is Mohawk Via Felt and is printed in three colors. Limited to an edition of 110 copies; 74 sewn in wraps ($20), 26 signed hardcover copies ($50) & 10 deluxe, signed hardcover copies in custom clamshell, each containing a signed copy of the original unpublished book from 1966 ($225).

In 1966, the author wrote these poems and printed them as a 4 page mimeo book (actually a page folded into a 4 page book, some were trimmed and stapled.) He printed about 25 of these under the Undermine Press name (which he would use for other releases including Avalanche Magazine.) After doing the book, he got second thoughts and did not release the book. A very short time later d.a. levy did his first book, We Are On the Verge of Ecstasy (Seven Flowers Press, 1967.) These books sat as unpublished and since 1974 in an envelope from High Times Magazine. On my birthday (2/7/12) he sent me a copy. I had heard about the release when I was typesetting his bibliography and had expected it to be a a release that he had suppressed because he felt the writing was amateurish. That was not the case. The poems are amazing. The plan was to publish the book at some time.

I got my Vandercook SP15 press a couple weeks later. When the dust cleared, I started thinking of a way to make this happen.

The paperbacks and signed hardcovers are ready to ship on Monday. The deluxe copies will be ready to ship in a few weeks. As you can see from the photos, there is a decent amount of work on this one. visit to order.


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