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"Introduce yourself, right on!"
-Chuck Mosely from Faith No More's song Introduce Yourself

"Hey, get into it. And, if you can't get into it, shine it on."
-from the Pooh Sticks song Young People

"A good carpenter never bites his nails."
-Doseone from his CD/Book The Pelt

"Hangin with the flacas at the laundromat, while theyre dickhead boyfriends wonder where theyre at."
- Bob Schneider from The Scabs song Ass Knockin

A bit about me. . . I love art. especially music, film and literature.

some authors.
Charles Bukowski (duh) been into him for most of my life and longer than any other author except possibly
Ray Bradbury
also love
Hubert Selby Jr
Jeff Noon
Knut Hamsun (thanks Hank)
Edgar A. Poe
Aldous Huxley

Poetry by Buk, Poe, Doseone, Bob Schneider, Anthony Kiedis

Music of Mike Patton, Tom Waits, Doseone, Ween, Miles Davis

Ill remember stuff later that id wish i added, but its dinner time and im having meatloaf.
great user name.
enjoy the forum. and the meatloaf.

o. and I'm also a big Hubert Selby, Jr fan. there are a few of us here.
Welcome, God does not hate figs but his son did kill a fig tree.
You seem to be right at home now.

Where are you from? I thought I saw London up there before you narrowed it down to your tennis shoes.

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