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Bukowski... writing... four novels
Someone didn't do their homework.
Or did it back in 1982.

We walked past the pool where Linda taught Hank to swim.
"Hank" swam when he was a kid and he swam in 1974 (two years before he met Linda Lee) when he was trying to make it with Ruth Wantling.
Did you read Ham on Rye and Women?
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John Martin said:
“He was very happy every day that he lived in that [San Pedro] house. He loved to sit and watch the ships in the harbor,”
Just read any ten Bukowski's poems from that period and you'll see how happy he was.
He was so happy and tranquil he named a collection of poems (written in San Pedro house) War All the Time.
Check the Timeline and see how many times he and Linda split in the early eighties.

He also had some happy moments, of course.
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