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Can someone recommend a Robert Altman film that will make me understand him ? Tonight I re-watched "Rashomon"(Kurosawa - 1950) and one of the DVD extras was Altman giving his commentary on the film. In about 5 minutes he summarized everything I love about movies in general and why "Rashomon" itself is a work of genius. Therefore I SHOULD admire Altman too - right ? Hell....."Short Cuts" was 3:09 of my life I will never get back. Help !


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Uh, hello! The brilliant 1953 short, How to Run a Filling Station? Come on, man. Or the 1957 classic, The Delinquents? Those are just off the top of my head. I'm not sure if he made any movies after those.


As opposed to a cult-like following of him, I've settled for some good moments. Charles Dutton's character replacing the nipping pint he stole the night before in Cookie's Fortune; people stepping in dogshit throughout Pret-a-Porter--honestly, the streets in Paris are covered in dogshit!

But it's true...there is a lot of film theory to sort through in his most famous movies...and a lot of 'huh?' looks when the credits roll. For what's it's worth, they do feel more like novels than films...which is a feeling I like.


I think I'm going to check into "The Player" and "Nashville" (which I saw at age 13 when it came out and REALLY didn't get it or Altman).
I love Rashomon. Anyway, I'd give The Player a go. It's quite funny although it's not as clever as it likes to think it is. MASH (or M*A*S*H) is good too. Pret a Porter had a nice poster if I remember correctly.

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