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bukowski has changed my fuckin life! i hate everything and everyone. i have been dealt one seriously fucked up hand in life and why would god do this shit to someone. he did it to hank and he has done it to me. i am not trying to compare myself to bukowski but this world we live in aint right and i hate living. i will never make a stupid move like suicide and hank didint either. but dont think i aint gonna bitch about it because life aint fair. you think a mother fucker with plenty of cash has got it good....well guess what....he does! they say money aint everything....well say that to my face and see what fuckin happens! bukowski is a god to me and the way he lived his life in defiance is the wauy he should have done it!!!! thanks for nuthin LORD!!!!
Easy shoen ! money does not always helps, depends what you do with it.
Try not to fuck up today, tomorrow might even be something to look forward to.
relaxation is easy for the well minded and comfortable....walk a day in the life of a poor punk.
stop feeling sorry for yourself.

I understand you're finding life a burden right now, and it probably is, but self pity will suck you and everyone around you dry.

Bukowski didn't piss and moan, he took his life and turned it around and made sure he lived his life on his terms. he controlled his life, he didn't let it control him.

suck it up and ask yourself, "What would Hank do?"
Look at it this way. You have a computer and access to the internet. Now how much is that worth. That is not cheap even if you are going to the library to use theirs it is a big value. Appreciate too, the fact that you can communicate even though you should complain less. Have a nicer day.
Guy Ritchie is great- except for the movie for his wife. Rock and Rolla will make more sense with the next two films that will make it all come together. Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels is very good too.

Is this Grizelda the Goddess you speak of?
lighten up buddy. you sound pretty young and angry with the way life is going for you right now. you'll never get anywhere blaming the lord or cursing everything around you. sit back and think, have a beer, analyze things... like someone else said "what would hank do?" just let it roll and lighten up, find some humor in the dark and twisted schematics of things. kick back and laugh man! it's only life. nothing permanent.
6 posts and banned. That's kinda funny. But it makes me think, is that the fastest ban in history? Not sure how much faster you could get banned. I mean, I guess maybe their have been posters banned after 1 post? Anyone know what the record holder is?
Half a dozen dinks have been banned with fewer posts. Keeping the freaks in line is like an ugly game of name that tune, and after a while you can nail it in a few notes.
That doesn't mean he can't read it.
Yes but while reading someone's post aimed at him, he may want to answer to this later. But he couldn't. How frustronging.

Besides, he looks harmful, he seemed to be a bit mixed up. His "friends" thread was morose.
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