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As many of you know, the film critic Roger Ebert was/is an admirer of both "Barfly" and Bukowski's writing overall.

Ebert's Twitter feed is full of interesting things and an hour ago, he posted this pic of our hero. Maybe this photo isn't a new one, but it's a cool one I think.

I've never seen that funny pic before. Thanks, No.6!
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Wow! It's great to be back and what a great thread to come back to.

Yes, I only started reading Bukowski 3 and a half years ago but I remember Roger Ebert recommending Barfly in 1987 or 88. I took a while to get to reading Bukowski or seeing Barfly.
That photo is new to me and as Roger Ebert says it is one of the best. You know you have to wish Roger Ebert the best, he has always been very good. Siskel and Ebert were great together, in my very righteous opinion.
Thank you Number 6 and it's great to see you posting again. Welcome back!

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