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round trip (for T.H) on ebay (1 Viewer)

Well, after thinking about it and thinking about it, I bit the bullet (or beer bottle) and listed "round trip (for T.H)" on ebay ..

Item number: 150143318663

Thanks for your advice. Yeah, I know it's a piece of paper and even though I'm moving there should be room for it, it really doesnt do me any good to keep it locked up ... I hope someone gets it who will enjoy it. Like I said in the eBay posting besides being a rabid Buk fan, I loved it was about a Man and a Motorcycle. (Being a moto-girl myself...)

So.. Wish me luck with this auction ; ) Thanks again.

A couple folks have asked me since this closed (unsold) about the reserve I had on this...so, I'll just post publicly verses answering PM's.. I was aiming for 6, but, alas, I am moving and would rather have the resources ($$) to allow me to have the adventures to in turn write about about when i'm 72 than a piece of paper that could get lost in the shuffle of the chaos of my daily life..altho it is a truly wonderful piece of paper...eh. choices.. i'm sure Buk would understand...

so, yes, i'll entertain a reasonable offer if someone is in fact interested.
Ted Hughes?
Terri Hatcher?
Tom Hanks?
Talking Heads?
Tony Hawk?
Tommy Hillfiger?
Tim Horton?
Tyrosine Hydrocylase?
and btw... i put "Round trip" BACK up on ebay. along with a few Buk books starting at .99 for the less deep pocketed ones.. altho, I just cant bring myself to sell Ham on Rye or Women, I'll be adding some more books Tuesday.

end of shameless self plugging. : /

and again.....

i posted it. can you tell i'm really trying to get rid of things ? LOL. (3rd times a charm... it actually has a bid...)

now, if only my house will sell as quickly....... : P


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