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I was thinking to get myself a beautiful present for my birthday. I'm not a collector, don't have the money for it, but I would really want to own a signed Bukowski item. Just one. And "Run With The Hunted" seems to me a good choice, as it's kind of a "best of". I found this on Abe. What do you think? Is it a fair price? Have you got other suggestions for this one and only item, in the $100-$400 price range?

I'd poke around here: http://collectingbukowski.com/books.html

Find one you really like the look of and go for that one. $300-350 doesn't seem TOO high for the BSP editions. Generally, signed Buk books go for somewhere between $100 and $1000+ depending on condition, rarity, publication date, limitation, etc.

Me? Had I the money, I'd spring for this.

That was my first book of Buk poetry...

But someone else may know a little more about the BSP version of RWTH. I often forget there even IS one...
There seems to be a problem with the rebinding of those BSP copies of Run With The Hunted - as I understand it they are just the paper guts of a Harper edition rebound. It's a thick old book. At least one sold cheaply on ebay about a year ago because the binding had split.

I'd go for something else, a proper BSP edition, and just pick up a cheap reading copy of Run With...
yea, i wouldn't go for that one myself. what about a nice copy of Crucifix? some good looking copies have sold on ebay recently for around $220.
i suppose it really all depends on what book's contents you like the most.
Love Is A Dog from Hell was my first poetry book from Bukowski too, only it was the Romanian translation. Not a bad translation actually, but I felt that something's missing and I was right as I read the original. They subtitled the Romanian edition "61 Erotic Poems", which I feel is rather uninspired, to say the least...

I read meanwhile about the binding problem of Run With The Hunted... hm...

I didn't even think about Crucifix or other books from the '60s or '70s, as I thought they will be way more expensive that I could afford. Good to know. Thanks.
Lickthestar is corrent. Make sure that the book is not split internally. I have seen a few copies that had this flaw. I do not know the seller, so I don;t know if maybe he missed this.,

Also: I almost bought Shadow of the Rose a year or so back, but then discovered that all the poems were collected in another volume. I like the cover and such, but... man its a high price to pay for poems I already own. So keep that in mind (if that's important to you).

Good luck! Enjoy the hunt!
Right as rain, LTS. In the Shadow of the Rose is a lovely book, but all the poems can be had in Last Night.... So, I have one, but I certainly don't need one. I am a completist, but I will never be a completist in terms of Buk. That would suck my resources dryer than a hell-pit in Nevada in August.

Bogdan: My suggestion would be a signed copy of Dangling in the Tournefortia; a fantastic collection of poems, and a signed copy can be had for around $200 (in this market). I paid $210 a couple of years ago, and that was a bargain.

Thing is, you can't really read the signed copy, unless you want to risk damage and value loss. Maybe a copy of Crucifix in a Deathand as suggested before...
... what about a nice copy of Crucifix?

... Maybe a copy of Crucifix in a Deathand as suggested before...

I too vote for that one, if you're either STARTING to be a collector or can't afford to become one and want to buy ONLY ONE item.

In both cases you will get a satisfying piece:

- It's not too expensive to start with
- It's an early one and has a history
- It's limited (even though to the big number of 3100)
- It's signed AND dated (1965!)
- It's a beautiful work of craft and love from the publisher
It was my first piece of collectible\signed Bukowski here. I do enjoy it so. Actually, it is still my only signed Buk piece still. It sometimes hurts, but not as much as it used to.
Just wanted to let you all know that I'm a proud owner of a fine copy of Crucifix In A Deathhand. I received it yesterday and still can't believe my eyes. What a beautiful piece of art. I saw pictures of it previously but I never imagined that it was this fabulous. I spent $350 for it and I don't regret one single cent. And if it were not for the slight brownish tone on the cover you could say that it just came out of the printer. And it also smells great. Thanks for sharing your opinion on this, really appreciate it. Now, what shall I buy next? :D
I really should get one for my copies of At Terror Street and Crucifix... Someday, I'll be broke and homeless because of Bill Roberts... but at least I'll have nice books...
Someday, I'll be broke and homeless because of Bill Roberts... but at least I'll have nice books...

If that happens, I can make you a giant clamshell that you can live in. It could be as big as a refrigerator box.

I'm working on one for my family here too. If the economy gets much worse here, I'll have to make a clamshell that fits 5 comfortably. Maybe I'll cover a dumpster with Japanese book cloth and we can all live in there.

As long as you sanitize it with some bleach and a weekly scrubbing, there's no reason a nicely lined dumpster couldn't make a good home.

I mean, it'd be cramped sure... but it would certainly look nice.
And if you weld four of them together you can have a three bedroom dumpster. How's that for luxury? You could even carve out some windows and hang up some nice curtains...:D
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